About the company

Linkan Feed Ingredients AB is a company based in Åhus, Sweden, working with feed ingredients. With a high technical competence, we contribute to development and usage of new methods in feed production, all with benefits for the producer. 

The company started in 1993 by Håkan Lindqvist with importation of melass, premixes and feed additives. After a few years, the feed additives was the focus of the company. Today, Linkan Feed Ingredients AB has market activities in all Scandinavian markets.

The employees are today the majority owners of Linkan Feed Ingredients AB. 

Elise Rönnberg is the Managing Director of Linkan Feed Ingredients AB.

Linkan Feed Ingredients AB
Nordanvägen 5
296 32 Åhus

Tel +46 44 24 79 65

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