Profeed is produced by Beghin Meiji in France and is a prebiotic composed of a specific mixture of short-chained fructo-oligosaccharides (scFOS) derived from the sugar beet. These scFOS are alimentary fibres, carbohydrate sources specific to the beneficial bacteria, allow the maintenance of the pH of the digestive tract at a normal physiological level preventing the development of pathogenic bacteria (eg: salmonella, E.Coli, clostridium, etc.). This good balance of microflora thus offers the animal improved digestive comfort. By promoting the production of volatile fatty acids (VFAs), more specifically butyrate, via the fermentation of beneficial bacteria, Profeed participates in the renewal of the epithelial structure (villi) of the intestine. This optimum physiological maintenance of the villi encourages maximum assimilation of nutrients from the feed ration and optimizes zootechnical performance. 


Caromic is a dehydrated carob powder from Valencia in Spain, a tradition with a long history processed in a highly modernized manner. The product is recommended as an appetizing agent in pet food. Caromic also affects the microbial flora positively and improves the pellet quality with its excellent binding properties. 


Hamlet Protein
In order to fully benefit from the high nutritional value of soya bean protein, it is necessary to remove the harmful substances present in the raw material. This is thoroughly accomplished in the HAMLET process. The products of Hamlet Protein is specially developed with an attractive flavour and high water and fat binding properties. 
Hamlet Protein's high level of available nutrients contributes to a good feed conversion and a high quality fur.


SALmateTM is a source of omega-3-PUFA, (polyunsaturated fatty acids), from quality fish oil, providing good balance of EPA (eicosapentaenoic acid) and DHA (dcosahexaenoic acid) proportions in order to obtain the best physiological effects and to be cost effective. SALmateTM is protected through an encapsulation technology.
One of the advantages with SALmateTM is that it contains natural sources of omega-3-PUFA. It is a concentrated product allowing for a low inclusion rate or dose of administration. The specially designed starch coating prevents the oxidation of PUFA, which are very sensitive to oxygen, minerals and moisture. SALmateTM also contains natural antioxidants. SALmateTM is easily released in the intestine due to the designed starch coating. Furthermore, the coating prevents problems with feed intake often seen with other sources of omega-3-PUFA. SALmateTM is very easily handled both in feed mills with pelleting and extrusion technologies.  

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