Rubinum S. A

Rubinum is dedicated to the manufacturing and selling of the product Toyocerin® throughout Europe, Africa and the Middle East using our distributors' net. The company is based in Barcelona, Spain, owned and managed by Mr Lau Andersen.

Toyocerin® has its origin in Europe in the year 1988, where Toyo Jozo Ltd., a Japanese company, starts to run a daughter company with a minor shareholder Andersen S.A. called Toyo Jozo S.A., established in Rubí, near Barcelona.

In 1992 Toyo Jozo S.A. changes its name to Asahi Vet S.A. due to the acquisition of the company by Asahi Kasei.

In 2005, Andersen S.A. buys all the shares of the company from Asahi, becoming the owner of the new company called Rubinum S.A.

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